Where I Am, You Are Welcome

How do we measure love? Are we capable of such a task? What quantifies as too much or too little?

We may not be able to define the exact moment we find ourselves lacking the receipt of affection, but we know what it feels like…empty, alone, isolating…the epitome of rejection.

Despite the recurrences of heartbreak, we continue to risk the outpouring of our hearts…in ardent passion and pursuit.

I am amazed by my need and longing to love people I’ve only met once or twice. It’s a compulsory action…as though I can’t quite escape or deny it. The love chooses me…and in turn…chooses you.

And I hope that when I meet you or see you or speak to you, you feel the love raining upon you. May you feel accepted, wanted, and encouraged. May you always know that you are safe in my presence. That where I am, you too, are welcome.


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