Dear PJ

I keep thinking about the Holden Evening Prayer Service and this one particular song you used sing the echo to…

“Let my prayer rise up like incense before you…the lifting up of my hands as an offering to you…”

It was my favorite part of Advent…and now I wonder who will be singing it. It won’t be the same.

Advent, this peaceful, quiet, holy, almost mournful time of year…seems a bit appropriate now. So hard to fathom experiencing this, the turning of the season, Christmas…and everything else without you.

So what now? How do I sing this song…when all I hear in my head is your voice…

How am I going to walk into that church and not see you walking around the corner or sitting in your chair at your desk and not feel a gaping hole in my chest?

Wherever you are, I hope that you know/feel/see how much we all loved you and how much your actions enhanced our lives.

“O God, I call to you, come to me now; O hear my voice when I cry to you…”


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