Show a Little Kindness

On my giving a shit scale (1 being no shit is given, 10 being a BIG shit is given), the Superbowl is probably -10. For me, the Superbowl is an excuse to hang out with people and eat high-calorie food. And sometimes, I watch the commercials. This year, I let Facebook inform me of what commercials were worth watching (on Youtube) and I’m sure I’m not the 10th or 1000th person to talk about them. But I was moved by a few of the ads, particularly the features by Coca-Cola.

I watched as the people opened their hearts, poured out their souls about what it feels like to be an American. But if you listen closely, there’s an even deeper connection, something that ties us together as human beings sharing this country. It’s kindness. It’s the ability to look at others who are different from us and show them love, compassion, and acceptance. It’s generosity of spirit.

There is clearly enough hatred on the planet and yet out of the bigotry, kindness grows. We fight good fights, change laws, hold doors open for the elderly, and keep watch over our neighbor’s evil cat. And that’s just the beginning. Ellen DeGeneres always closes her show with “Be kind to one another.” A simple phrase laced with a challenge. It takes courage to show kindness… especially when we’re afraid we’ll be rejected. But kindness ultimately begets kindness. It is inspiring…to me and to others. When we’re scared but see others showing compassion, it helps us be brave. May this new wave of kindness challenge us to think and behave differently.


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