The Runaways

Last night I had a pretty intense conversation with a dear friend. Seems we share a common problem: we run away from our ambitions because they scare the shit out of us and we don’t want our dreams to hurt the people we love. I envy all you people who know you want to be a lawyer when you’re 5 years-old and actually follow through with it. There are many of us who experiment with, dabble in, and ponder many other vocational possibilities because the ONE thing we think we could work seems absolutely impossible.

So we run.

And we can only run for so long until we’re beaten down, broken, and exhausted.

At some point, we have to face our destiny.

After the conversation, I kept thinking about these lyrics for a song I hadn’t listened to in years. There is a band called Further Seems Forever and they released a song called “Hide Nothing” about a decade ago (I feel really old writing that).

Here’s the first verse and chorus:

We live and we learn and crash and we burn and we’re gone
We take what we know and we learn as we go and we run

Run until that day
We can see who we are
Have the final say
We can be who we are
As love lights the way to the last day
And no one can take it away

Run and hide
Don’t hide at allĀ 
Change is coming, no it’s nothing personal
Live our livesĀ 
Not hide it all
Change is coming, no its nothing personal

In a perfect world, we would be honest about all the things that scare us and keep us awake at night. But we don’t. We run.

And I don’t want to run anymore. I want to do the thing that scares me. I can’t keep hoping that by running, I’ll eventually collide with my destiny. Change comes from standing still, breathing in the moment, and being aware of who we are right now.